SOCIBER's Social Responsibility Commitment.

The activity of Ship Repairing has an impact upon the community and the environment surrounding the shipyard. The repairing of a vessel not only provides multiple labor opportunities to our own employees, but also to outside workers of a wide range of skills, expertise and knowledge. It also demands the responsible mutual, legal and ethic commitment of everyone in the whole chain of maritime service that makes the Port of Valparaiso an effective and efficient Maritime Logistic Cluster.

Consequently, SOCIBER Ltd. as the only Shipyard at Valparaiso, since 1985 recognizes itself as a vital shackle in the chain of Maritime Service, key role player and shareholder in the development of a sustainable shipping activity and particularly in the ship repairing arena for shipyard workers, suppliers, subcontractors, agents, maritime and local authority, customers and all other members of the public sphere who may also be considered as stakeholders.

Those who belong to our company are fully committed with the Quality of Life of the people and families who belong to this chain, and all of those who are impacted or affected by our activity.

Therefore, in conviction with our core values and principles, and fully aware of the mutual dependency of SOCIBER Ltd. and its stakeholders, we declare ourselves strongly committed to communicate our becoming and achieve it in harmony with local and international well known regulations, but most of all embracing those ethical principles we declare to sustain, so to collaborate to an adequate level of quality of life within our employees and their families, the preservation of the environment and a sustainable development of the community of Valparaiso.