Ship Repairing

Our becoming

Ship Repairing is characterized by:

Vessels must be regularly dry docked in compliance with regulations approved by the International Association of Classification Societies - IACS and Insurance Companies, who have the right to demand international quality standards.

Our customers, most of them from abroad, assume the off hire cost during the period in which their vessels are under repairing.

The subjects of this activity, the vessels, are key role players in a chain of maritime service (charterers - maritime agents - pilots - port authorities - crews - etc.) who need and demand a programmed and coordinated performance.

It also demands the commitment of subcontractors and all the suppliers of products & services required by the vessel and its crew.

Therefore needs an active and massive participation and commitment, of people of a wide range of skills, expertise and knowledge, who are devoted to their families and hopes.

It evolves with great risk for workers and the environment.

Any failure to the laws applicable to those who go on board the Floating Dock, related to the safety, security or environmental matters, risk the extension of time frames and a raise of the costs involved.

We are evaluated and compared upon global Measures of Effectiveness (Security - Cost - Time Frame - Quality)


SOCIBER’s core business is Ship Repairing, should it be done a Float or to a Dry Docked vessel.

The yards main asset is the Floating Dock “VALPARAISO III” designed with a lifting capacity of 10.000 tons and allowing vessels up to 165 mts of LOA and 24,3 of Beam to be dry docked.

Additionally there is availability to moore vessels up to 170 mts LOA alongside the Floating Dry Dock in a depth of 40 mts., between a good and strong couple of buoys.

Regular dry-docking jobs, as steelwork, mechanics, hydraulics, piping, hull treatment and tank coating, are among services the dry docked vessel will be provided with.

A self operated and conveniently located workshop ashore, allows the shipyard to guarantee its customers the utmost comprehensive services completed in a convenient time frame.

As any modern customer minded organization, SOCIBER Ltd. has a very low over head cost, our administrative staff comprises 15 men and women who together with our experienced production staff of 70 engineers, technicians and supervisors, form the skeleton of a highly motivated ship repairing organization that grows in accordance with the challenges we have to cope with.

Well known and qualified workers, subcontractors and/or authorized technicians are hired as soon as a vessel is firmly booked, allowing us not to over charge our customers with the cost of having them in a permanent basis plan.

Our Partners

Since 1985 in the ship repairing business SOCIBER Ltd. has been able to achieve long lasting relationships with those who have asked for support, enhancing confidences and developing links of mutual benefits.

Almost 900 vessels have been dry docked, 25 % of them belonging to foreign and worldwide owners. Chemical and Product Tankers, Reefers, Container and Bulk Carriers from countries as Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Japan, Norway, Russia, Sweden, UK and the US have been attended at our facilities.

Owners and managers from DOWA Lines and NYK from Japan, Norbulk Shipping, the British Antarctic Survey and STAR Reefers from the UK, Baltimar A/S from Denmark, Laskaridis Shipping from Greece, Odfjell, Bryggen, OSM and Jo Tankers from Norway, FSC Yuzhmorgeologiya from Russia, Eastwind Maritime from the USA, Maestro Shipping and Athena Marine from Cyprus, Furtrans from Turkey, BBC Chartering, Bockstiegel Reederei, Briese Schiffahrts, Phoenix Reederei from Germany and certainly some of the vessels from the well known Chilean shipping companies CSAV and ULTRAGAS, plus some of the most important domestic bunkering and fishing companies as well, have relied upon us for performing ship repairs.

Scientific Research vessels owned by US and European agencies working at the Antarctica and the west Pacific basin also demand our support, not only for sustaining repairing and some maintenance but also to remain moored at our buoys to shift crews, re supply and get prepared to sail again.

In a regular basis, SOCIBER dry docks 25 to 30 vessels per year for a mean time frame not exceeding 13-14 days per vessel.

Try SOCIBER you’ll get to know a competent, fast and client focused ship repairing organization.

Services & Capabilities

SOCIBER’s is organized, manned, equipped and minded to provide the following kind of maritime services:

Dry Docking: Our main asset the Floating Dry Dock “VALPARAISO III”, has a lifting capacity of 10.000 tons, and can accommodate vessels up to 165 mts of LOA and 24,3 of Beam.

Mooring alongside the Floating Dry Dock:

Port Side: A strong couple of buoys anchored at our Port side have been certified by the Local Maritime Authority to secure vessels up to 120 mts LOA in between the buoys, 150 mts LOA between buoys and the Floating Dry Dock and 170 mts LOA directly alongside the Floating Dry Dock, all at a medium depth of 40 mts.

Starboard Side: Additionally we are in process of certification to moore vessels up to 153 mts. LOA at our Starboard side.

Additionally and nevertheless Valparaiso is SOCIBER’s home port, our work force can provide reliable and professional maritime repair services, at the close ports of Quintero or at San Antonio, allowing your vessel to achieve a higher standard of availability.