The Shipyard


Welcome to SOCIBER Ltd., a qualified and certified organization, a single Floating Dock Shipyard, located at Valparaiso - CHILE, on the crossroad of major shipping lanes on the Pacific side of South America.

With its origins dating back to 1985, SOCIBER Ltd. has been synonymous with friendly - fast & focused ship repair and conversion services; principles which we embrace day to day, assuring an enviable balance of speed-costs-quality, providing our customers with a continuous flow of solutions, increasing their vessels‘ performance and adding value to their business.

Yes, we only have one docking spot, one of the largest Floating Dry Dock in the west coast of South America, which makes the whole organization focused on your vessel and fast enough to achieve the dry docking date committed with the incoming vessel. At SOCIBER Ltd. we view Ship Repairing and Conversion very much as a working partnership with the owner/manager, with a daily commitment to increase our efficiency and your vessels effectiveness


On January 09, 1981 "Sociedad Iberoamericana de Reparaciones Navales Limitada" - SOCIBER Ltd., was formally created as a joint venture in equal parts between the Spanish shipyard "Empresa Nacional de Construcciones Navales Militares S.A. - BAZAN" or "NAVANTIA S.A" in our days, and the Chilean shipyard "Astilleros y Maestranzas de la Armada - ASMAR".

Their task was to build a Floating Dry Dock at the recently baptized building yard at Talcahuano for its commercial exploitation at the port of Valparaiso, were just a year before and due to heavy weather the former Floating Dry Dock "VALPARAISO II", was lost.

She was baptized "VALPARAISO III" and launched on October 08, 1983, and after being outfitted and towed through 240 miles, the vessel arrived at the bay of Valparaiso, at her actual position on early 1985.

Destiny wanted that on April 22, 1985 the first vessel to be dry docked at new Floating Dry Dock was the Chilean General Cargo M/V "RENACIMIENTO", in English "Rebirthing or Renaissance".


Our customer's core business is trading. Ship Owners need their vessels to be on a high level of availability to satisfy their own needs.

At SOCIBER Ltd. it is our job to dry dock and repair vessels at Valparaiso - CHILE, providing a reliable ship repairing service in a safe environment as fast as possible, increasing our customer's business.

Our Mission - Ship Repairing

To repair vessels, afloat or dry docked in a professional, reliable, safe and friendly environment.

Our Core Purpose - Fast & Focused

To be the first choice for ship owners and managers whose vessel trade at this side of the world upholding the SOCIBER "Fast Service Provider" attitude as a quality standard.

Our Principles - Ethics & Integrity

  • Ethic, based on a profound respect for human beings and virtues as justice, fortress, prudency and hope.
  • Integrity by means of a behavior based on commitment, credibility and reliability, creating leadership within SOCIBER and the maritime community as well.

Our Core Values - Commitment & Proactive Attitude

  • Commitment with our employees, customers, subcontractors and suppliers.
  • Quality through professionalism and reliability.
  • Responsible safety and environmental practices.
  • Proactive attitude toward customer's needs.
  • Continuous self-improvement

Client Focus

SOCIBER Ltd. is a highly dynamic and proactive repairing shipyard, having already gained an excellent reputation in the shipping brotherhood as a reliable, dedicated, client conscious organization, with the will and expertise to undertake your vessels needs, both efficiently and cost effective.

Our agents are located in fifteen European countries, both coasts and the gulf at the USA, and also Hong Kong, markets from where 90% of our partners come from, relying on SOCIBER to keep their vessels on trade.

Our philosophy pivots around our clients particular needs, recognizing the intense environment where shipping activities are conducted, and aiming to achieve long-term relationships as a key process.

Come to Valparaiso, a shipping city were all Classification Societies have established their country managers who together with a full staff of exclusive surveyors will support your vessel.

Join SOCIBER Ltd., we embrace your goals, we've got achievements that talk by themselves, and offer day to day, less time repairing and more time trading.

Location & Facilities

SOCIBER is located at Valparaiso - CHILE, at eight regular sailing days from Panama, five days from Guayaquil - ECUADOR and four days from Punta Arenas in the Magellan Straight.

Valparaiso is also a one and a half hour drive from our capital city - Santiago - and the International Airport.

The city is a maritime hub at the South American west coast and CHILE's main port were all Classification Houses, maritime agencies, port authorities and shipping companies have established their headquarters.

Most of technical representatives are also located at the city and others are within driving distance af Santiago.

Due to the Humboldt Flow that cools the sea and mild weather Valparaiso enjoys a very friendly climate, with no humidity which allows us to perform typical shipyard jobs at almost any time of the year. Raining days in a normal year do not exceed 30 days being the winter period between June 21 and September 21.

These characteristics allow i.e. that most of the research, scientific, vessels working at this side of the world use Valparaiso as an excellent harbor for switching crews, afloat maintenance, etc.

Beside Valparaíso lies the beautiful city of Viña del Mar, leading seaside resort in the South American west coast with beautiful beaches, lots of restaurants and a full range of well equipped hotels.