SELLO ProPyme:  Pago pronto a Subcontratos y Proveedores
   Gobierno de CHILE [Link]

ISO 9001:2015 -- ISO 14001:2015 -- ISO 45001:2018:  Sistema de Gestión de Calidad
   Descargar Certificado ISO 9001:2015 -- ISO 14001:2015 -- ISO 45001:2018 [PDF]

OHSAS 18001:2007:  Seguridad y Salud Ocupacional
   Descargar Certificado OHSAS 18001:2007 [PDF]

ISO 50001:2011:  Sistema de Gestión de la Energía
   Descargar Certificado ISO 50001:2011 [PDF]

ISPS:  Protección de Buques e Ins. Portuarias
   Descargar Certificado Internacional de protección del Buque [PDF]

Quality Statement

SOCIBER’s Quality Policy states the shipyards commitment towards a continuous improvement in the way we achieve the requirements of our strategic partners, being them our customers, employees, subcontractors and suppliers.

To better achieve the level of quality demanded by our strategic partners, we have combined our focus on customer-driven results with the procedural discipline of the International Standards Organization (ISO) 9001, choosing to standardize our core processes and procedures, submitting them to the discipline of the ISO registration process, reinforced by periodic audits that will complements our focus on continuous improvement in everything we do.

For that purpose SOCIBER has submitted its processes and procedures, to ABS Quality Evaluations and achieved ISO 9001:2008 Standard Certificate Nº 43058.


Even before the tragic events of September 11th, SOCIBER had a strong Facility Security Plan in place that was approved by the Chilean Maritime Authority. In recent years SOCIBER instituted extensive new measures to enhance the security of our employees, and that of our customers' crews and vessels while in dry dock or moored alongside.

All vessels at SOCIBER are protected twenty four hours by enhanced interior and perimeter lighting, camera surveillance and monitoring. Additional measures include 100% badge ID check of ALL persons entering the Floating Dry Dock, training of security personnel, employee security awareness training, and an improved and more comprehensive Facility Security Plan.

In accordance with the previous, on May 2004 SOCIBER Ltd. was granted with the International Ship and Port Facility Security – I.S.P.S. Code Certification delivered by the Chilean Maritime Authority.